Monday, October 8, 2007

Tickets to Momoi's Birthday Event

I'm really hoping I can pull this trip off, and am looking forward to it. (I plan to visit a lot of friends while I'm there as well), but the one unknown factor is - can we get tickets for her event?

I know myself and a handful of others want to come from the US to attend her 30th birthday (it's extra special for me as we met on her 21st birthday, so...), but I'd hate for any of the group traveling so far to Japan specifically for her to not have access to a ticket for this event. Nothing against the Japanese fans, it's just much MUCH harder for us to see an event than any of them. :) I wonder who we should talk to.

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The girl in question

The girl in question
She's the reason I'd be going to Japan - she makes it all worth it...