Saturday, November 3, 2007

A January Un-Birthday Event...

Well, I asked for the time off work for Momoi's birthday and it was a no-go. The boss flat out refused to give me time off in December.

So then I had the wacky idea of moving things to January - exactly one month after her birthday. I asked around and this seemed to work better for everyone, and hopefully I can locate a cheap ticket for the middle of January... we'll see!

So the plan is to go to Japan in the Middle of January and cover two weekends during this timeframe. Hopefully there'll be a Momoi event during that specific timeframe. Regardless if there is or not, we'll arrange a gathering during that time for those folks who attended Anime Expo and/or Connichi's Momoi concerts. I think it will be fun for all of us to get together again.

Since I can't make her birthday proper in mid-December, we'll try to do a secondary birthday (an un-birthday?) exactly one month later for people like myself who really wanted to be there.

If you're in Tokyo during that timeframe, I hope you can join us sometime during the week!

The girl in question

The girl in question
She's the reason I'd be going to Japan - she makes it all worth it...