Monday, October 8, 2007

Cheap Plane Tickets

I've been searching since August and I haven't been able to find a flight under $925 for the timeframe of her birthday. I've been thinking of flying out here December 7th, arrive on the 8th and rest as much as I can, then go enjoy Sunday with coverman and other friends. Spend the week doing random stuff, attend her party (I assume it'd be Thursday or Friday... or even Saturday... and then fly back on Sunday the 16th.

I just found on you can give a date range and it tells you what the price would be for any day you flew out. As of this weekend, it's now $1050 to fly out on Friday the 7th, but only $753 to fly out on Thursday the 6th. Hmm...

Maybe I should make the trip longer by a day or so and just relax and enjoy myself. :) (I still haven't asked for the time off work yet! Watch me buy the plane ticket only to have them deny me the time off.)

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Mr Trainspotting said...

We can get cheapish flights from the UK upto a month before hand - however we wont book anything till we know the date of the event and know we can get tickets TT;;

The girl in question

The girl in question
She's the reason I'd be going to Japan - she makes it all worth it...